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What was the first pregnancy when the family responded to the pregnancy of the family?

Neha Sungapia, Mumbai, May 10 secretly married her friend and fellow actor Anjit Baidi, after which such news came to know that the actress quickly and secretly married why she was Mother is going to make it. Although Neha and her husband, both of them had made this news uninterrupted. And now Anjit Baidi revealed in an interview with her that she and Nhaha should soon and her secretly marry. It was because actors were going to become a mother.

Neha Sungapia also shared a share on her own Instagram account, a video of this interview. During this period, Neha asked her to have her and her parents shared their love for her and her parents. How did you celebrate the wedding? At that point, Gaga Buddhi said, ‘I just said that we are going to be parents, first of all, we were surprised, then there was a lot of scolding.’

 “I was guessing that he was not ready to listen to such news, he did not believe that you are going to be a mother.” Before being interviewed, Neha Sungapia had told herself in an interview. She kept the news of being pregnant because she was scared that she would not give any work in the industry. Be careful that Neha and Jagat’s marriage took place on May 10 this year. His wedding ceremony I had only close friends with family. Twelve actors announced their marriage as they did posting photos on social media while both of them And even called my best friend.

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