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‘My Hopes Full Of Hope Disappeared’, How Did The Contest Break?

At least sadness is bigger than broken. The guess on which the passes can take.
Something went on to Georgia’s previous reality show ‘Come Island’ when he saw that his former friends are being handled in the hands of a new girlfriend.

My heart broke down last week, but its nature was different from the heart of Georgia because it was not broken by millions of TV viewers.

The love filled with my hopes was suddenly over. The person I wish to live with, he changed his intentions. It was a great shock for me and I think that life will not be the one that was before.

I thought of a recipe to deal with this grief. I left for a rural area leaving London, where 27 years of my 32-year-old life passed.

This was the reason I thought that if I ever encountered her, in bus, in a shopping mall, I would not be able to bear.

For the next eight months, I tried a lot of efforts, swimming in the sea, walked to the miles, wings to watch, work on a project. But sadness was not to be lost.

I realized that for rural citizens like me, the rural life is going to be more lonely. My family was near me but I needed friends. The contact was on the phone for a while, then they also stopped calling.

I have never been able to come to the village. When does life stay for someone? I started feeling more lonely than ever.

I thought that could there be any positive way to break heart? At this time, I did not get the answer, but after one year I have been trying to find the answer.

What is the heart to break?
Hypnologists, who say Hamburg: ‘This is actually the quality of great emotional damage. This condition crosses every human being differently, but it involves a feeling of sadness, sorrow, and sadness.

‘If seen inside the brain, those parts are responsible for those emotions that are active in the actual physical pain. Apart from this, it is found in such symptoms that drug addicts feel after breakdown.

For me this condition was as if the body is burning inside.

It is difficult to overcome these symptoms. During this time, you become unbearable domination that you call your lost beloved again, make it clear, try to explain who you are. ‘

Those who say: ‘By emotionally relieving you pass through five stages of sadness: negligence, anger, traditions, and ultimately acceptance.’

How to deal with heart failure?
It’s an art, but that does not mean we can not help science. Scientists have studied on how the body goes on and how to fight it.

For example, a recent study published in a psychology magazine showed three ways to be reviewed. Think of the bad things of your former partner, accept your love about it, and confront your mind.

Research showed that all three ways prove to be useful in misconducting grief.

Examples of these three strategies:

He smiled from his mouth, he loved his voice very much.
It’s not a bad thing to love, even if he is not there
What a wonderful weather today
Experts of De Homes: ‘Give some time to yourself. Talk to your friends and write in diary how you feel. Do not allow this thing to be governed by your life. Do not make blind decisions. ‘

Who says that follow your ex-partner on social media. ‘Delete such pictures or messages that hurt you. It helps you get hurt. ‘

There is a rage of anger in various stages of grief. My anger was volcanic. There are anger benefits, because you feel that you can not bear this person any further. However, some other experts say that you try to assure yourself that you never loved them. You should consider what the qualities were in your partner, then try to find those things in someone else. . My partner was very sympathetic. Are there people in the world and sympathy? Obviously, there are

I realized that in such a way the postmasters of their relationship are beneficial. Not at the beginning. ‘There is no shortage of fish in the ocean,’ initially this thought was of no use.

But gradually this feeling started to show that my partner was unaware, and there were other things in it.

Collect these points together and then start drawing out of a project: Accept your situation and allow yourself to hurt yourself. Talk to your family members and friends. Write Diary, Avoid Social Media, Deal the Trouble. Try to focus your attention.

Get rid of your contact with a partner. Think about its flaws. Focus on the benefits of others in other people.

And above all, pass the time, which is the biggest solution.

How long does it take?
You can not hurry. According to a research, it takes three months (11 weeks) to think positive about the relationship.

As I said, it is not science. It took me six months to control myself. Since then

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