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‘I Have Left The Compelling Husband In Bed’

I was feeling that she will not go in the night. My head was bursting and I was crying continuously.

When we were not crying, when we came to know. When I was awake at six o’clock, my husband questioned me in front of me. He asked: ‘So what did you decide?’ Is your answer yes or not?

I did not understand anything. Still speaking. ‘Today you go to the office. I will tell you by phone till evening. I promise. ‘

He said, ‘Well, I’ll call you myself at four o’clock. I need answers and yes, I need answers. Otherwise stay ready to face punishment at night. ‘

By punishment, it meant ‘Anne Sax’. He knew that it hurts me a lot. So he made it ‘torture’ on me.

By nine o’clock, both of them and his elder sister had gone to the office. I was alone at home. After thinking of hours, I called my father and said that I can not live with him now.

I was afraid that the father would be angry. But they said ‘pick up the bag and get out of there’.

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I ran to the bus base carrying my ‘original documents’ and a book. Ask your husband that ‘I do not have the answer, I am going to my house’, and the phone is closed.

A little while later I was in my house between my dear ones. Two months after the marriage I left my husband’s house. My husband, the beach, from which I got graduated three years ago.

She was very laughing. I loved to be close to it and then loved. We went to rotate, talk on the phone for hours. Life was more kindly kind. But this pink romance has not been for a long time.

By the way, I realized that this is not the equality, which I wanted. This relationship was going to be like my mother and dad. The only difference was that mother does not say anything and I can not remain silent.

Papa screamed on Mimi on small things, picked up his hand. Mimi just kept crying. If there was a discussion with the coast, he would push Mickey to push and try to get closer. I stop screaming.

Once he asked me: ‘Tell me, if I ever take you hands …?’ I’m stunned. Barely speaking at his anger, he said: ‘I will be separated from you on that day.’

He told the lie: ‘That means you do not love me.’ There should be no condition in love. After that, our conversation was closed for almost a month.

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Slows down the battles slowly. Many times I tried to finish the relationship but every time she asked for apology.

I wanted to be away from the beach for Sada but why did not I know why I was not able to do this. Meanwhile, pressure was made to get me married. I became a teacher now. I would be in the class and my parents’ phones came.

Each time the phone had the same thing. ‘What did you decide about marriage?’ Do the beach Do not want to do it with the boy of our choice. Think of your two younger sisters … ‘ Etc. etc.

There would be any accident in the house, it would be added to my marriage. Mother’s nature was ruined because I’m not getting married. Damage in Papa’s business because I was not getting married.

I am so worried that I took a pro-support for the marriage. Even then I was not ready and I did not believe in the coastal promise that she would not do anything that caused me to suffer. My fear became a reality after the martyrdom. The beach started to touch me on my indicator like a puppet.

I was interested in poetry. I used to share my poems on facebook. He banned it. I could wear the same clothes that he wanted.

Once he said: ‘Deal your studying work until the night.’ I will not be happy if I will not be happy. ‘

He used to say that I could not please him. That’s why Parnon would try to learn something by watching the video. And then on the head of his head he became a favorite to become a hero. He wanted to leave me to Mumbai.

He said: ‘You work here and send me money. Then I will buy a loan on your name and buy it. ‘

And for that he wanted my supporters. To hear ‘Yes’ that night, he pushed me to the bed and tried to force me.

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That night he limited. The next morning I left my husband. I was a girl read. Could have earned itself Still, when I left the coast’s house, my key was coming to Manna.

People were also afraid of their society. But pain in my chest was more than that fear. I reached home with my parents and two sisters. My hair was scattered and my eyes were swollen by crying all night.

After two months of marriage, when girls come home for the first time, their face is different. But my face was shattered. The neighbors’ sharp eyes did not get late to know the truth.

My family took a tattoo. Everyone was saying badly with us. Some people were screaming that the coast itself would come to bring me back.

Some said that such a big decision should not be done on such small things. So much so much Lee

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