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Fawad Khan’s Media Team Rejects Daughter’s Absence Of Polio Drops

 Fawad Khan’s media team dismissed the news of notifying polio drops, saying the case was unnecessary.

The district administration of Lahore lodged a case against the actor Fawad Khan on daughter-in-law not to polio drops. According to Deputy Commissioner Lahore Saleha Saeed, on February 19, the polio vaccinating team was present at the Fawad Khan’s house, but his wife He did not allow the daughter to drop polio drops. He said that the case against Fawad Khan has been registered after not taking the drops.

In such a case, Fawad Khan’s media team denounced all these statements and explained that “there is nothing in it, at the time when the anti-polio team visited the house, then parents (Fawad Khan and his wife Sadif Khan Fawad Khan, told media media that Fawad Khan has been out of the country since 13 February where he attended the PSL inaugural ceremony and now he is in the US. Fawad Khan’s team said that ” His travel history explains that FIR is based on mischief, which was lodged in front of the presence of Fawad Khan and also reported the FIR news of media. Received via ‘.

His team explained that Fawad Khan is the supporter of anti-polio campaign and he knows very well the instructions of the World Health Organization (WHO). The media team of Azad Khan further said that the daughter of Fadad Khan Vaccination is being done timely, whose record is also available and the case registered against them has deteriorated their reputation, should not the FIR be canceled against Fawad Khan still?

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