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An Incredible Love Story

This is a true story of love between India’s wallet. The story of love-loving lovers even after the struggle to transform religion and to leave the country to gain their love.

In 1947, the illness belonging to one of Rawalpindi’s Patan family members was 15 years old and won a family of Amritsar’s Lala ji’s 17-year-old.

  • India’s distribution and establishment of Pakistan changed the life of a new generation forever
  • 70 years of distribution

Both the families had met many times celebrating holidays in Srinagar and during that time, friendship and welfare’s friendship had changed in love, but the wolf storm broke their love into the borders.

After splitting, it was understood that winning will become very difficult now with victory and the devoted love of love ran from the home to the Hindus’ Immigration camp.

There he said: ‘I am a Hindu girl. I have been left of my parents. Will you send me to India?

Thousands of women of both countries were abducted during the months of wallet and their religion was changed against the wishes of many, weddings.

Therefore, the governments of India and Pakistan started ‘Operation Recovery’ to send abducted women and send them back to their families.

Social workers were made to exchange such women in Kamla Patel India and Pakistani refugee camps.

Kamala Patel has called the operation ‘women exchange like apples and singles’ in her book ‘Tare Furam The Roots: A Participation Memoir’.

Bookwriter Rita Menen told me: “Sometimes, Kamala Patel helped escape the abducted women after returning the refugee camp to go to the abducted family.

Sadrat came to him. The time after distribution was such that the clothes and bids of Hindus and Muslims of Punjab were similar.

He believed in his words and accepted it as Hindu, and with the rest of the refugees, he reached Rawalpindi to Amritsar.

At Amritsar, Esmat sent the message to the winner’s house and won the team immediately.

Despite the disintegration, she was married to the parents’ parents in Amritsar’s Golden Tempel’s convention.

But this story of love that does not care about the boundaries soon got a tough turn.

Asmat’s family said his daughter was abducted and the government could bring Pakistan back.

The agreement between the two countries to bring abducted women back to their families came from the love of love and victory.

Anxiety lies, it was now to return to Pakistan.

Wake up panic Come to Kamla Patel and said: ‘This is not a case of abduction, humility loves me and has come to me with my own desire.’ You have to help me.

But how did a minor girl’s parents believe that she was not interrupted?

In this case the discount could have done full operation. Kamla Patel was against to send back fornication or other similar women.

The discussion reached the ‘Constitutional Assembly’ on this issue. Many women opposed it but the contract continued.

In order to avoid the police, festivals and wins fled from Amritsar to Calcutta.

The pressure on the Kamla Patel team continued to grow. That was the time. It was important to understand the wishes of women.

Relationships were becoming very strange and many times it was better to break them.

There was something similar to epism and wins. But the official rules did not want to understand these bars.

Finally, to bring back Asmat and victory, rumors were spread that the Pakistan government closed this case.

Knowing the fact that the rumors came to Amritsar, imagination and victory came back to Amritsar.

Then Kamla Patel celebrated Asmat that she should go to Lahore for a week. Stay there with the police commissioner there and meet your parents and then listen to your final decision.

For Kamla Patel, it was not easy to do all this against your will.

These Kis Kainna Nina Patel told me: ‘It was very stressful, the pressure of people’s life to make decisions, for five years, was staying in the refugee camps, and their food was stopped.

Under ‘Operation Recovery’, 30,000 women were searched and returned to their families.

There were hundreds of cases such as rage and wins, which have no official records.

Books like social workers like Kamala Patel are the only documents.

Wake up Asmat, according to his book, came back to Amritsar and counted on his arrival day.
But on the fourth day, Kamla Patel was surprised to know that the father of the father of Asad has taken her home.

They came there to meet him as soon as possible, but there was a change in the story, the beauty of attitudes and behavior was also changed.

Asmatullah said: ‘These women did not allow me to come to Pakistan, but I did not even say it again.’

The lamp was found as soon as he heard the name of the winner: ‘I do not want to see the face of the infidel, if my bus goes, I should open the pieces and open the dogs.’

After reaching the news, he went to Lahore, but till then the Asmat family had disappeared from there.

It was said that ‘the pressure on the father or mother, what was the pressure on the father, I would not say it at all.’

Despite the danger of life in Lahore, Wisdom continued to seek Asmat.

Kamla Patel tried a lot to explain it. The distribution of violence was not there but wins said: ‘I am ruined, what if I die now?’

Wake up TB. Five years later, when Kamla Patel

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