The AwayCast 2.9.15


You’ve found Another Way Around, and this, is the AwayCast.

Starting anew at AWA, John and Gregg introduce Francois Chang, formerly of Dualshockers/Buzzfocus to have a discussion about:

Social Experimental Sport #IDARB (1:44)
The revival of a survival horror classic, Resident Evil (5:00)
We ask the question, is Nintendo decreasing supply to drive demand? (15:13)
Our Weekly Recommendations (41:50)

All that and more on this episode of the AwayCast.

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Please let us know if you’ve got something to say in the comments below! Thanks to everyone who tunes in!


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Rogue thinker, and your daily comedy relief, Johnny has years of experience writing, re-writing, gaming and re-gaming. Harboring the secret to sounding cool at parties and the key to infinite wisdom, John lives in NYC with his slow cooker and electronics.

  • Dan Welch

    amiibo scalpers will go crazy when the gold and silver variants come out

  • Rob Sauer

    My Resident Evil story is just like Johnny’s. I gave the controller to a buddy of mine and just watch it from there on out. Couldn’t handle it after the damn dogs.

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