The Away Team

john Johnny Azzilonna

Rogue thinker, and your daily comedy relief, Johnny has years of experience writing, re-writing, gaming and re-gaming. Harboring the secret to sounding cool at parties and the key to infinite wisdom, John  lives in NYC with his slow cooker and electronics.

greggGregg DellaRocca

A wizard at the helm of the audio battleship, Gregg is most known for his work in the music world as an accomplished producer and musician.  When he's not spending his time performing aural magic, he's mix-mastering for  Another Way Around and providing color commentary for the AwayCast.  

john Francois Chang         @ninferno

Along with his unhealthy affinity for squishy Nintendo characters, he enjoys "who would win in a fight?" prepositions. His interests are: Video games, professional wrestling and discovering new foods. If you ever want to get your butt kicked in Halo or Street Fighter, send him a game invite.

kate1 Kate Ogden

Actress, Cosplayer, and all around gal with moxie, Kate brings the unbridled sass-force to Another Way Around. From taking your favorite photo with you at whatever-con to conquering games on Play!Kate, this one takes the cake. And, eats it too.

ben Ben Quy

Is not American, but don't hold that against him. UK born and bred, Ben is a brilliant flame of enthusiasm and a profound lover of professional wrestling & Monty Python.

john Josh Hinke

 Josh Hinke is writer, gamer, and practicing Jedi. Dropping knowledge like beats, Josh keeps multiple gaming communities up to date, and well informed.  A cornerstone of the AwayCast, he lives in Chicago where he moonlights as a super hero vigilante.