Preview: Hands-on with Mario Party 10 and Amiibo gameplay


Amiibo in Mario Party 10 only makes sense.

Here we have a virtual board game and a set of toys that look like they belong in a board game. Mario Party 10 has an exclusive mode dedicated to Amiibo and it will give some more depth to your growing collection of Nintendo figurines.

First, only 9 specific Amiibo fully function with Mario Party 10 and the others will help with some unlockables. Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Wario, Peach, Bowser, Rosalina and Donkey Kong can be used and at least one of them must be present in order to play Amiibo Party Mode. Like with Amiibo specific modes in other games, the content is tucked away until you scan one of those characters. Once in, up to four players can play and the three can play with or without Amiibo.


Amiibo Party Mode is a 10 turn round of your classic Mario Party fare where players move along via dice roll and race for stars littered on the board. Mini-games are borrowed from the rest of the game, so there are no exclusive games you’re missing out from if you never get your hands on an Amiibo. Also worth noting is that the player who uses Bowser in the Amiibo exclusive mode can play as Bowser in the newly introduced 4 vs. 1 mini-games where the one player (usually) wreaks havoc on the other players by use of the Wii U gamepad. So Amiibo Party Mode is the only place that combines all the mini-games from otherwise separate modes.


Use of the Amiibo during gameplay consists of placing your character on the Wii U gamepad and flicking the toy back off to make a dice roll. That’s the extent of using Amiibo during gameplay, but other advantages of using an Amiibo include being able to earn tokens, unlocking character specific board skins, customizing your Amiibo, such as different color platforms, and being able to bring your Amiibo progress to the kid next door’s house for more Mario Party 10 fun. It’s not very comprehensive, but building up a toy and being able to carry that build up with you anywhere is a nice novelty to have, especially if you’re finished with training Smash Bros. Amiibo to level 50.

Lastly, other Amiibo, like your Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer, will not work like the main 9, but can still be scanned. They will offer up scratchies that act like lotto tickets for in-game currency and tokens. I would have loved to see all the Smash characters in a Mario Party game, but we all can’t get everything we want.

Mario Party 10 arrives on March 20 and we will bring more as the day approaches.


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