Motion Ocean and a Capri Sun in a Hurricane Glass


Well, it’s October. Leaves are turning red/yellow, people are bringing their sweatshirts out of the closet and pumpkin spice is working it’s way into our bellies by methods we never thought it could. It’s getting chilly, but for a very specific reason, I feel like it’s summer 1990. Summer 1990, in a hammock with a drink in a frosted hurricane glass. I’d be five years old, so a Capri Sun Pacific Cooler, on the rocks of course. A Ukulele would be playing my favorite songs, songs I heard and played over and over.

Our own zeitgeist is often defined by our music, and many of our cases the games we played. Those infinite summer’s we had as kids, when life felt like forever and the sun would always shine, we can never have those back. But if you close your eyes, maybe pop a straw through your favorite flavor pouch of Capri Sun, and listen to these guys, you’ll get to feel warm in fall. Put your bare feet up, and jump into a lofty raft of jovial nostalgia.

The talent here is known as Motion Ocean. Their biography says, “If you’ve ever heard the sound of a ukulele and smiled, then you will love Motion Ocean”. The video above is the group performing a medley of “island-ized” Super Mario Songs. While covering video game music isn’t discovering fire per say, the trifecta of Ukuleles sure keep it hot, happy, and like a drink in a hurricane glass, a reminder of how sweet life can be.

Check out more from Motion Ocean and get to know the members here, including other music both game related, and just some great tunes to keep the Pumpkin Spice Season at bay. If you’re attending New York Comicon this year, be sure to stick around for the after party, as Motion Ocean will be performing.

Motion Ocean’s Youtube Channel
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