AwayCast 027: Not Chris’s Blood


You’ve found Another Way Around, and this, is the AwayCast. Josh saw a Sandra Bullock film, followed by Gregg’s bloody horror story. We figured we’d keep similar stories together. Bazing! John’s luck changes this weekend as he get’s a ticket that’s not for lewd behavior and Pillow Gregg gives us a philosophical life lesson. Also a great lineup of videogames, including but not limited to, The Wolf Among Us, Beyond:Two Souls, Device 6 for iOS, Pokemon and what happens to rejected Pokemon. We also briefly discuss what we can about The Stanley Parable, but take it from us, play it. Also Gregg does some character acting and what’s your next-gen release lineup?

So tilt your head back and apply pressure, this is The AwayCast!

Thanks to everyone who tunes in!


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