Awaycast 024: Full Steam Ahead


You’ve found Another Way Around, and this, is the AwayCast. After a week off, a week of sweet longing and sorrow for our listeners, we have plenty to discuss. The guys catch up on what they’ve been up to, experiencing real life as we know it, and turn to gab about our experience in our other 3 lives as Michael, Trevor, and Franklin in a necessary and long awaited GTAV talk. Big news also hit last week as all 3 Steam timers showed zero, and unveiled whats in store for livingroom PC gaming with the announcement of SteamOS, Steam Machines, and the Steam Controller. Gregg, Josh, and John have a great discussion on what they speculate to expect from these very different albeit ambitious projects.

All aboard and full Steam ahead! This is the AwayCast!

Thanks to everyone who tunes in!


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Rogue thinker, and your daily comedy relief, Johnny has years of experience writing, re-writing, gaming and re-gaming. Harboring the secret to sounding cool at parties and the key to infinite wisdom, John lives in NYC with his slow cooker and electronics.